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March 14, 2011

Staying Healthy: Making The Most Out Of A Sticky Situation

Hey y’all!

I’ m going to start talking in Southern tounge all the time now since I’m in Missouri (even though Missouri is out West) ;). Hope ya don’t mind!

Yesterday we went to the St. Patty’s day parade in downtown St. Louis. It was super fun and who doesn’t like to watch drunk people be completely idotic? Best. thing. ever. If people could only see how stupid they look haha. That’s one reason why I don’t drink! I try to keep it classy ;).

Left to right: Family friend, Sheila, Sean’s Dad, Sean, Me

Oh… and I met Indiana Jones.

aka Sean :D.

To be quite honest, my eats lately have been horrid.

Yesterday I ate:

  • instant banana bread oatmeal + a banana (breakfast)
  • lots of fruit (mid-morning snack)
  • pretzels (“lunch”)
  • tiny piece of chocolate (“lunch”)
  • blow pop (“lunch”)
  • chips + salsa + cheese + refried beans (“dinner”)
  • very little amount of water

I have no problem eating these kinds of foods. What bothers me most about my food choices lately is that there’s been very few of them. I haven’t been eating nearly enough calories all day and haven’t been hydrating at all. It’s horrrrible! I have been getting in lots of fruit though but I’d like to get a bunch of more veggies in my diet.

Most of the reason my eats have been way less than healthy is because we’ve been super busy to be honest. We were out at the parade from 9-4:30 and the only thing that was being consumed was beer. I avoided that, and water, like the plague.


Well, because who would want to use those nasty port-a-pottys? I mean seriously? LOL.

I hate to say it but, I’d rather be dehydrated than catch somethin’ funky from those on the spot johnnys (probably not the best decision).

What I’m leading up to is tips on how to stay healthy and not beat yourself up for making poor food choices.

Here’s a few things you should try to keep in mind when dealing with sticky food situations (aka my rules):

  • Do what you can. Try and make the best choices with what’s available. Yes, there may be only pretzels around but do what you can with what you have. I’d rather eat a couple pretzels, or chips, than starve myself and not get the chance to eat. Our bodies need to be constantly fueled and while chips, pretzels, crackers, or whatever is around you may not be the best food options, I believe that it’s important to eat and keep your blood sugar and metabolism steady. Nothing is worse than wrecking you body by not eating. Think of your body as a high maintenance, expensive car. You wouldn’t run a Ferrari around on no gas now would you? No you wouldn’t because then it wouldn’t run and perform to the best of it’s potential.
  • Don’t beat yourself up. This is an important one. I think it’s important to not beat yourself up and guilt yourself into thinking your worthless because your meal was not nearly as balanced as you would’ve liked or had no resemblence of vitamins and fiber from things like fruits and veggies. There is nothing worse than making yourself feel guilty and horrible for making not so smart food choices. My theory is that if you are eating healthfully 80-90% of the time then there’s no reason to beat yourself up for the other 20-10% time that you’re making less-healthful choices. We’re all human and no one is perfect or makes perfect food choices all the time. Just take a deep breath and remeber rule #1: do what you can.
  • Fuel up when you can. If you’re expecting to have a crazy hectic day that will be non-stop fuel on healthful foods when you can. For example, when I knew we were going to the parade and I wasn’t sure what kinds of food were going to be available, I fueled up at breakfast. I had instant oatmeal (banana nut, remember, do what you can!) with a sliced banana + lots of fruit (cantalope, apples, grapes, honeydew, pineapple). Get in wholesome calories and fiber + protein when you can so they’ll keep you full long enough. Especially long enough so you don’t start raging the chip bag until every last crumb is gone. Don’t be afraid to eat a 500-600 calorie meal. It’s well worth it and will most likely save you from eating hundreds of “empty” calories later on.
  • Choose real food. If you’re ever out somewhere/super busy/at a social event and the food is very scant remember this: eat real food! For example, if there’s doritos, chips, and M&M’s hangin’ around on the tables, choose the chips. Why? Because they have very few ingredients (usually just potaoes, oil, and salt). Doritos and M&M’s on the other hand have tons of ingredients and usually artificial ones. Nothing makes you feel worse than eating fake food.
  • Drink plenty of water. I can’t stress this enough!!! If I weren’t at an event where the only restrooms were port-a-pottys, I would’ve hydrated a lot more. However, if you have no problem with those stanky johnny on the spots, then go for it. Water is what helps keep you on point and allows your body to function properly. This is essential to life and shouldn’t be put on hold for another beer. If drinking alcohol, sip water in between drinks.
  • There’s always tomorrow. This ties into the rule #2: don’t beat yourself up. The next day you can fuel up on good for you foods but live in the moment and don’t binge eat by making yourself feel guilty for eating a couple chips!
  • Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Live in the moment. Enjoy your friends, family, social setting and embrace it. If you’re at a St. Patty’s parade (like I was) embrace the fact that, for most Irish descendents, their food will most likely always be a beer. What can ya do? Go with the flow! Embrace the fact that it’s totally normal to have a few beers for lunch (or in my case pretzels :mrgreen:). Embrace the culture and traditions around you and run with it. Nothings worse than being caught up in what you’re going to eat and freaking out because you won’t be having a well-balanced meal. You only live once.

Putting these rules into play, I embraced the food choices from yesterday and lived in the moment. I normally don’t ever eat like that so sometimes you need to cut yourself some slack and not feel so bad for what you’ve eaten. Today I tried to refuel myself. These are the foods I ate following my food deprived day (and I love me some foods!):

  • whole grain bagel + light spread of cream cheese + a banana + a fruit cup for breakfast
  • dried fruit + tropical coconut chia bar + chocolate peanut butter for a snack
  • side salad with a little sesame soy dressing + 2/3 order pad thai for dinner
  • pineapple + a pretzel+ a few bits of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream + a pumpkin spice Vita Muffin for snack/dessert

I know I didn’t get a chance to eat lunch but breakfast was more of a brunch and I had plenty of snacks all day. I’m glad I actually got to eat solid food though! I did what I could with what was available and took into account all of my rules to surviving a sticky situation.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting what I eat throughout the day to give you an overview of how I eat when on vacation!

Enjoy your evening!


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