Birthday’s Throughout The Years

Hey everyone! How ya doin’!? I made it to Missouri last night after my plane was delayed an hour. I ended up arriving at 850 rather than 650 but oh well! We ended up going to a local pub at around 10:30 pm to eat dinner (1130 my time since in Missouri I gain an hour). By then I just wanted to eat a bowl of cereal and call it a day because I was so tired but I had a good time! I split a ceasar salad with Sean and ate a veggie sammich with a couple fries. It was good! I also enjoyed a few pickles ;). Mmmm I looove pickles! At around 12 we got home and shortly after that I hit the hay! I was so tired I nearly face planted on my bed.

Now it’s March 12, Sean’s birthday!

I’ve known Sean since I was fifteen.

How we met is an extremely long story but to put it short and sweet, after talking on Xbox Live for months we finally decided to meet at an MLG event here in New Jersey. And the rest is history :). We’ve been dating for almost 4 years now and have experienced lots of birthdays together. I guess you could say we’re “high school sweethearts” although we never went to the same high school LOL.

I’ve baked a cookie “cake” shaped as a big heart for him one year…


PS – Like my Snooki poof that’s happenin’ on top of my head?

And he fed me cake in NYC at one of my favorite Italian restaurants…


(what’s my sister doing in this pic LOL!)

And now I’ve made Sean the most amazing brownies that have ever crossed my lips.


I know they don’t look at all appetizing in this picture but that’s because I’m not eating any until the birthday boy gets the first bite (note: this picture was taken at my house on Thursday. We have since eaten, loved, and devoured the entire tray.)! I did manage to sneak a tiny piece (and then patch it up, hehe ;)). I’ve never tasted anything like this before.

It’s like brownie meets fudge meets pecan pie meets caramel. YOU HAVE TO MAKE THESE NOW!

The recipe is from Jess over at How Sweet It Is. She hit the jackpot here. They also have bourbon in them so they’re perfect for a 21st birthday treat!

Sean and I have had tough times making it to each other’s birthday (Since we both live in different states. 1000 miles apart to be exact.) so when I get to be with him on his special day it’s even more spectacular.

For starters, he has always been coming to see me for my birthdays and even his. But this year, I was lucky enough to be able to spend not only his birthday with him but HIS 21ST BIRTHDAY! For 6 straight days I’ll be able to celebrate a major mile stone in his life with him :D.

Today is Sean’s 21st birthday and I have no idea what it is going to entitle but I can guarantee you it will involve a couple many beers (on his part. I’ll stick to H2O my beverage of choice :).)

I’ll see you tomorrow for pictures of the day’s activities! I think we’re going to a St. Patrick’s Day parade in downtown Saint Louis. Booooooya!

Happy Birthday Sean!

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  1. So glad you guys liked the brownies! :)

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