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March 10, 2011

What I Pack To Stay Healthy On Vacation

My room situation while packing:


(I’m packin’ my kitty kat, duh!)

Does anyone else seriously over pack? I found myself sitting on top of my suitcase at least 10 times to try and squish all my clothes in.

And now the day has come… I will be flying on a plane today to go to Missouri.

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you flying is my absolute favorite thing in the world.

I’m also not going to lie to you and tell you I’m not taking a Xanax before take off.

No, I’m not absolutely crazy and I actually don’t mind flying that much but I do have my fears! I think my flying fears stemmed from my parents fear of flying + events of our nation’s history. However, for the sake of my relationship, I have to gear up and get my booty on a plane. The things you’ll do for love…

Speaking of love, I thought it’d be a great time to show you what I love to take on vacations to stay healthy.

Throughout my trip I’ll be posting little tips and tricks to staying healthy on vacation while still indulging in your sweet tooth so keep your eyes peeled for those!

I normally don’t pack all these goodies when going to, say, our beach house but when going to another state where I’ll be staying in a house full of men who don’t give a hoot or holler about what they eat, it’s more than a good idea to pack my own snacks.

However, if I were going to say, Paris or Italy, I wouldn’t be packing so much food because I’d want to sample the country’s culinary wonders. Get it? Got it? Good.

Here’s a few things I kept in mind:

  • Pack foods that will stay fresh for long periods of time such as pantry items like nut butters and oats.
  • Pack the meals that you know you can’t live without and will, without a doubt, not compromise on. For me, this was breakfast. You’ll see later on about how I’m going to do about that.
  • Bring protein. I doubt they’ll have quinoa stocked in their pantry so I’m making sure I bring protein (quinoa) that is easy to make and has a long shelf life. I’m not packing beans because if I don’t use up all the beans in a jar, I don’t want to feel bad for throwing away food. With quinoa, I can cook what I need and if I don’t use the leftovers I can just bring it home and put it back in my pantry.
  • Pack smart carbs. Smart carbs are things like brown rice, wheatberries, brown rice pasta, and oats. I don’t want to be left hangin’ with a stale piece of white bread so I always come prepared. Again, I can use what I need and if I have leftovers I can put them right back in my pantry at home.
  • Have snacks prepared for your sweet and salty cravings. There’s no hiding that I have a sweet tooth. However, I don’t want to be noshing on cupcakes, cookies, and candies all day so I bring dried fruits. They last long and don’t go rotten if you forget about them in your bag or don’t get around to eating them. They’re sweet and quench any sweet tooth. Also dark chocolate chips make for a good sweet snack. Things like popcorn, popchips, and peanuts can be packed to curb any salty cravings and be stored back in your pantry if they’re not used.
  • Pack vitamins and supplements to keep your immune system in check and maintain healthy levels of iron, calcium, magnesium, etc.

So, keeping in mind what I mentioned above, I packed accordingly…


Shall we dive in? ;)


I packed quinoa for protein and brown rice for carbs. We probably won’t be eating out much since eating out can get expensive so I wanted to make sure I brought healthy, sustainable carbs for when eating dinners in.


Along with brown rice, brown rice pasta shells are a great addition to using white pasta. I’m sure there will be a few cans of pasta sauce hangin’ around Sean’s house so on nights when we eat in I’ll have a healthy carb base to my meal.


I picked this up the other day at Trader Joe’s and haven’t used it yet so I’m bringin’ it with me! I’m sure I’ll make good use of it for dinner one night.

It also has pretty impressive nutritional information:


And all ingredients I can pronounce and understand! I read that there’s watermelon seed pasta in this so I’m excited to see how it tastes! I’ll be serving this over the brown rice I’m bringing.


I got these from Trader Joe’s and I loooooooove them! If you pop 1/4 cup you get a heaping 6 cups worth of popcorn (and all for around 250 calories). On nights when we want to watch movies or I want a salty snack, I’ll pop some of these kernels up on the stove and sprinkle with salt or cinnamon. The benefit of buying popcorn kernels over bagged popcorn is that you can control the amount of fat in your popcorn. They’re my new favorite obsession. Love.


These are perfect for a sweet treat after dinner or a snack when I just want good ‘ol chocolate. I keep it dark to get some health benefits out of it! Plus, chocolate chips are so much more fun to eat than bars of chocolate.


I take these every single day with breakfast (they’re Centrum brand multivitamins) and there is no way I’m going to miss taking these on vacation. They have lots of vitamins and minerals that I’ll be needing to stay healthy and ward off any sicknesses.


Along with my multivitamins, I went out and bought Emergen-C. It has 1,000 mg vitamin C per one packet so I am hoping I won’t get anywhere close to sick. I’ll be having one of these each day with breakfast.


Did you really think I was going to go away on vacation and not have oats packed with me? Or chia seeds? Or cinnamon? I bagged up 5 individual overnight oat bags that have 1/3 cup oats + 1.5 tbsp chia seeds + 1 tsp cinnamon so all I need to do is buy almond milk, pour 1 cup of it into the oat mixture the night before, and I’m ready to go! It also requires ZERO prep time so my mornings will be effortless. Perfect for on the go.


I packed organic crunchy peanut butter and PB&Co.’s Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter to top my oats with. I’m in love with this dark chocolate peanut butter so I’m betting it’ll taste uhh-mazing on top of cold oats! Peanut butter also has lots of healthy fats and protein to help keep me fuller longer.


Nuts! I packed a combo of pecans, walnuts, and almonds for toppings on my oatmeal or for snacks. They also have protein and healthy fats to keep me full and alert!


DRIED FRUIT!!! Uh, hello. Did you seriously think I was going to travel anywhere without Trader Joe’s dried mango slices or my favorite apricots? I made 4 individual baggies for sweet treats and snacks when I want ‘em. Each bag has a mixture of goji berries, raisins, dried apricots, and dried mango slices. These bags will probably be gone in the first few days. I am loving dried fruit lately. And I don’t know if fresh fruit will be available so I’ll take what I can get. Fresh always = better but you have to make do with what you have!


I picked up these fruit crisps at the store the other day down the natural foods isle. Each bag only has 30 calories and 4g sugars. SCORE! I’ve never tried them before, and I may be over doing it with the fruit you can never have enough fruit so they’re perfect for on the go snacks. Maybe even on top of oatmeal?


I made these from Angela’s recipe the other day and froze about 12 of them. I’ll be un-freezing them and putting them in zip-loc baggies for when I want dessert or a more substantial and filling snack.


So there ya have it! All my tips on what to pack to stay healthy while on vacation. Of course, I wont be eating all of this food but it’s better to be safe then sorry. I’ll be posting about how I indulge in my sweet tooth and eating out later on this weekend! Also, I apologize in advance for my lack of posting that may occur within the next few days. I very seldom see Sean so when I do I like to make the most of our time. However, I haven’t forgotten about you guys so don’t worry ‘cause I’ll be back with lots of fun posts! For now, I’m about to go catch my flight.

See ya in Missouri ;).


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