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March 6, 2011

A Glorious Food Hangover


I’m back home now from our stay in Atlantic City. I’m happy to be back in my home with all my healthy and yummy foods but I do love getting “away from it all.”

Let me rewind a bit…

Yesterday at around 10 a.m. we arrived in Atlantic City


Huuuuuuuge Trump building. He has a bunch of hotels in Atlantic City. We stayed at Caesars though! I think it’s so much better than the Trump but that’s only my opinion :).


Big columns that resemble Greece…


I especially came for the World Series Poker Tournament I was in.

I’m just so good at gambling.

Kidding ;).

The World Series Poker Tournament was being held there though which was pretty cool to see!



There’s a HUGE Julius Caesar statue in the main lobby!


So regal ;).


After checking in and getting settled we went to the State Championships for high school wrestlers.

My little sister has friends whose brothers wrestle and the high school I graduated from had a few wrestlers there trying to earn first place.

One boy in particular from our school is undefeated!!!! He won states last year for his weight class and they’re predicting him to win again. Amazing. (note: the undefeated boy won 1st and another wrestler from our school won 2nd!)

I also had mango slices + raisins pre-packed for snacking to eat during the matches. I made a sandwich with basil and my chickpea nuggets and sandwiched it on a hearty piece of whole grain bread from Trader Joe’s spread with spicy mustard that I ate at the match, too. SO GOOD! You have to try these chickpea nuggets on a sandwich. Mmmmmm.


Then we went and had some retail therapy…


Holy sugar.

That elephant was made out of jelly beans!

I was soooo tempted to jump on its back and eat all the jelly beans :). Hehehehe.



Awww so cute and tiny! I love the green M&M. What’s your favorite?


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! *heaven*

Shockingly enough, I did not buy any candy.

Go me! It was hard… but I ended up stealing a few of my sisters chocolate covered raisins ;).


There was REAL DEAD BUGS in these candies! Y-U-C-K!


Wooooooooah! Big ‘ol gummy bear.


So preeeeeeeety! I love this mall. It has 3 floors. The 1st floor is stuff that I can afford, the 2nd floor has stores like Burberry and Louis Vuitton, and the 3rd floor is restaurants that overlook the Atlantic Ocean.



Seriously, what girl doesn’t love Tiffanys?


Then I got a refreshing juice! I needed some veggies and even more than usual because I was in close contact with other people (who have germs! Ew, germsssss.)



So fresh!


In my juice went: celery, ginger, a hugh-jass carrot, beets, spinach, and pineapple.

It tasted pretty earthy but was just what I needed. I also realized I do not like celery in my juice, bleh.

After the mall we went to check if our rooms were done!



Modeling in the bathroom… nothing unusual here ;).




Don’t act like you wouldn’t watch Spongebob too!

Then I went to the casino to hit up the slots but not before I ensued an elevator party…

r O

Ballin’ in da elevator.


This is the view from our floor…


Prettttttttttty. I love the ocean!



I actually didn’t gamble but I had fun watching other people blow away their money :D.

We went to celebrate my brothers birthday at a steakhouse called The Palm. It was sooooo goood. I didn’t take any pictures because I just wanted to be around my family and relax.

We also all split and ate the biggest slice of carrot cake I’ve ever seen in my life. It was the size of my head.

After dinner, me and my sister strolled around through all the hotel casinos since some of them are connected.

We also got sour patch gummies and ate them while people watching hehe.

I also snacked on a banana + a granny smith apple + chocolate granola that I bought so I could have healthy snacks available!

(Stay tuned for a post on what healthy foods I carry with me when traveling!)

This morning however, I woke up with a SERIOUS food hangover (I love how I woke up in Atlantic City with a food hangover and not an alcoholic hangover. Hahahaha.)


I was also madly craving bananas.

Breakfast was just what the doctor ordered:

Hot tea with lemon…


Fruit (yum!)…


And oatmeal with a banana cut up in it…


This oatmeal wasn’t sweetened at all. It was purely oats + banana. Perrrfect considering I had enough sugar the night before!

When I got home I continued on my mission to:

  1. recover from my food hangover
  2. avoid any sickness I might get from being in close contact with other people

I had some spelt/flax/quinoa cereal + chia seeds + almond milk + raisins.


Mmmmmm I love this cereal!


Pretty impressive nutritional stats too!


I had about a cup of cereal. Nom nom nom.

I also made a quick stir fry of 1 sweet yellow onion + 1 head of broccoli + some carrots.


I sautéed the onion in a little olive oil and then added the broccoli and carrots.


I sprinkled the whole stir fry with nutritional yeast! Love love love.

I had such a great time in AC but I’m so happy to be home :).

I also made cookie dough dip and ate mango slices after my lunch. How typical of me ;).

I’m going to the gym later with my friend (Courtney) and I’ll probably end up sweating carrots cake, gummies, and chocolate.

Seeeeeeeee-ya tomorrow!


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